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Health and Wellness Mentoring

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When you make a personal commitment to provide the highest form of self-care to your body, 
you are empowering yourself to gain control of something you have always had control of, 
 unfortunately our minds spend lots of time telling us otherwise.
-Sarah Scott RN, APNA-SPP, E-RYT-200, YACEP, TSY 

Health and Wellness Mentoring at Balanced Tree will empower you to listen to your body's needs, 
set goals to meet those needs, and establish a lasting whole health relationship 
with every single part of what makes you---YOU. 

What exactly does a Health and Wellness Mentor do?
The word mentor could interchangeably be used with words such as- coach, advisor, or even tutor.  
These mentors help individuals make positive and lasting changes to their health.  They will guide you through a process of creating a vision for your health and well-being, but do not offer medical advice.  They will help you develop a personal, supportive mindset, and will encourage you every step of the way as you accomplish your goals.  

Who may benefit from Health and Wellness Mentoring?
-A newly diagnosed medical condition that requires a lifestyle change -such as diabetes.
-Wanting to improve your overall health and well-being- there doesn't need to be something wrong to want to feel good.
-Preventing an injury or illness from getting worse, and in the process maybe even making it better.
-Wanting to quit smoking or cutting back on alcohol intake.
-Wanting to practice better self-care by goal setting and following through toward those goals.
-Achieving a better work-life balance, while increasing life satisfaction.
-Coping with daily stress and anxiety.
-Improving interpersonal relationships with yourself and others.
-Wanting to establish an overall more positive mindset.

What will happen during my first mentoring session?
You will sit down with a licensed Registered Nurse of 21 years during this initial $75 one-on-one 90 minute consultation.   Together, you will discuss thoroughly your desired health and wellness needs.  After establishing your needs, we will then create GOALS for you to easily work toward.  They could be very simple or very complex depending on your personal health and wellness needs.  This will be a very therapeutic, encouraging, non-judgemental environment as we work very hard to create a positive wellness outcome.

How often would we meet?
After your initial consultation, we will meet in person at the studio for 60 minutes twice a month.  During these $50 1 hour sessions we will continue to build on to your individual health needs, continue to make personalized plans toward your goals, all the while assessing met goals.  There will be weekly checking in -via phone conversation, mail, text, or even e-mail- making sure you constantly feel supported, yet empowered during your journey.  Health and Wellness Coaching concludes when you feel you have set precedence to your self-care and established a routine you can continue on your own.
Please, contact us to set up your initial consultation.   
*Group and corporate options available.*