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Balanced Tree Yoga Studio

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No pre-registration required for regular weekly classes.

Simply arrive at studio a few minutes before class to sign in and get comfortable.  

You can pay by cash or check at the studio, or purchase class passes below.

Passes stay at the studio.  We keep track of your classes for you.

Scholarships always available.

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Single Class Pass 

(Starting October 1st, single classes will be $12) 


6 Class Pass

(Only available to purchase until 9/30/22)



Monthly Unlimited

(Good for 30 days from date of purchase)



(K-12 or College)

Single Class Pass


Class Descriptions & September Schedule

Restorative Yoga

Encouraging physical, mental, and emotional relaxation, Restorative yoga is at a very slow pace, appropriate for all levels.  Using lots of props while focusing on stillness and calm.

*Not on the schedule at this time*

Gentle Yoga

Soft, nurturing, slow-paced class with seated, standing, and laying down poses.  Using all of the yoga props- blocks, straps, the wall, chairs, bolsters, and blankets.  You will feel supported and comfortable throughout this gentle yoga class.  Great for beginners with a focus on accessibility for all bodies.

Friday 9-10am with Heather

*Downstairs Studio*

Candlelight Slow Flow

As the days get shorter, enjoy a slow-paced class with seated, standing, and laying down poses, amongst the soft glow of candlelight, essential oils & calming music.  Many classes will utilize props, to allow for a greater sense of relaxation & support.  Great for beginners and anyone looking to slow down.

Tuesdays 7-8p with Cory

*Upstairs Studio*

Yoga Blend

Combining slow flow vinyasa movement with deep stretch postures, focusing on breath and relaxation.  Great for all levels.

Sundays 10:30-11:30am with Cory

*Upstairs Studio*


Starting with gentle yoga poses, walking to and around the beautiful, Richwood Lake Trail, and then back to the studio for relaxing yoga poses to complete class.  Great for beginners.

*Not on the schedule at this time*

Basic Yoga

Offering seated, standing, sun salutations*, and laying down poses.  This class will build strength and flexibility, but most of all you will leave feeling good.  Great for beginners.

Tuesday 7:15-8am with Bobbi

Thursday 7-7:45pm with Allison

*Both Upstairs Studio*

Mixed Level Yoga

Just as amazing as Basic Yoga, but taking it up a notch.  Previous yoga experience would be beneficial, but it is not necessary.

Monday 7-8pm with Cory 

Saturday 9-9:45a with Brandy

*Upstairs Studio*

Power Yoga

An intense but FUN yoga practice pairing breath with movement while building strength and endurance.  Previous yoga experience would be very beneficial.

Wednesday 6-6:45pm with Sandee

*Upstairs Studio*

*Sun salutations include a series of poses- standing, folding forward, stepping back into a plank, lowering down onto your stomach, 

and then pushing back into a downward facing dog.