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No pre-registration required for regular weekly classes.

Simply arrive at studio a few minutes before class to sign in and get comfortable.  

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Scholarships always available.

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Class Description and May 2022 Schedule

Restorative Yoga

Encouraging physical, mental, and emotional relaxation, Restorative yoga is at a very slow pace, appropriate for all levels.  Using lots of props while focusing on stillness and calm.

*Not on the schedule at this time*

Gentle Yoga

Soft, nurturing, slow-paced class with seated, standing, and laying down poses.  Using all of the yoga props- blocks, straps, the wall, chairs, bolsters, and blankets.  You will feel supported and comfortable throughout this gentle yoga class.  Great for beginners.

Tuesday 6-7pm with Tirza 

Friday 9-10am with Heather

*Both Downstairs Studio*

Sunday Slow Down

Slow, gentle movements put together to create a flow to calm the brain and reset.  Most classes held by soft lighting to create a safe, calm space.  Great for beginners.

*Not on the schedule at this time*


Starting with gentle yoga poses, walking to and around the beautiful, Richwood Lake Trail, and then back to the studio for relaxing yoga poses to complete class.  Great for beginners.

*Not on the schedule at this time*

Basic Yoga

Offering seated, standing, sun salutations*, and laying down poses.  This class will build strength and flexibility, but most of all you will leave feeling good.  Great for beginners.

Sunday 10:30-11:30am with Cory

Tuesday 7-8am with Bobbi

Thursday 7-7:45pm with Allison

*Both Upstairs Studio*

Mixed Level Yoga

Just as amazing as Basic Yoga, but taking it up a notch.  Previous yoga experience would be beneficial, but it is not necessary.

Monday 7-8pm with Cory 

*Upstairs Studio*

Power Yoga

An intense but FUN yoga practice pairing breath with movement while building strength and endurance.  Previous yoga experience would be very beneficial.

Wednesday 6-6:45pm with Sandee

*Upstairs Studio*

*Sun salutations include a series of poses- standing, folding forward, stepping back into a plank, lowering down onto your stomach, 

and then pushing back into a downward facing dog.